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Oar Selection

Oar selection has come a long way from the days when the only choices were spruce, ash, fir, and other woods. Modern oars use aluminum, fiberglass and composite materials that are very light and strong. The added advantage for Alaska float trips is that modern oars can be broken down into smaller pieces for loading into a Bush aircraft.

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Pack Rafts

Pack rafts present the ultimate when it comes to light-weight boats for backpacking or hiking in to remote lakes and rivers in Alaska. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, weights, colors and price ranges, there is a pack raft to fit just about any need for a small, nimble boat for remote or local rivers.

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The canoe is the quintessential boat for traveling the remote north. What outdoors enthusiast has not imagined themselves slipping quietly along some remote lake casting for northern pike, or stalking a majestic bull moose while quietly paddling a canoe? Yet using a canoe in Alaska calls attention to some unique challenges that must be met. Hard-shell canoes are difficult to transport by air, so using them in remote locations is a challenging and expensive prospect. Inflatable canoes offer portability, but at the cost of performance. For someone looking to purchase a canoe for Alaska waters, the choices are not simple.

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