Hunting the Ketchikan Area

Ketchikan offers many opportunities for hunters interested in hunting Alaska, in the maritime climate typical of Southeast Alaska. A variety of big-game animals inhabit the old-growth forests here, and it's an exciting, unique area to hunt.


Prince of Wales Island, Southeast Alaska


The Ketchikan area offers opportunities to hunt several species of big-game animals, in conditions varied enough to interest even the most jaded big-game hunter.

Black Bear

Black bears are common throughout Southeast Alaska, and the Ketchikan area is no exception. The population is stable, with no apparent threats to black bear numbers here.

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Brown Bear

Brown bears may be encountered throughout the area,

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Rocky Mountain Goat

One of the greatest assets Ketchikan offers to big-game hunters is prime hunting opportunities for goat hunting.

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Sitka Black-Tailed Deer

The Ketchikan area offers many miles of prime deer habitat, and the deer population here reflects that abundance.

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