Care of Alaska Game Meat in the Field

by Doug Drum, Indian Valley Meats

In order to make the best product from your game, we need to start with game that has been well taken care of. There are many theories on the best ways to take care of game in the field. Personally, I use a proven method that is based on the principals used in the meat processing industry. The aim of this method is to make life harder for bacteria and flies by; creating a cool, high-acid environment to slow their growth, limiting their food sources by bleaching out blood, making a protective glaze coating and by controlling flies.

Field Care of Big-Game Trophies

For many Alaska big-game hunters, the greatest long-term value of a hunt is the memories it produces. Time spent afield with friends or family members, stories told around the campfire, tests of one's physical or mental toughness... these are but a few of the memories that are treasured for years. For many the focal point of those memories is a mounted animal displayed in their home.

Field Care of Big-Game Trophies: Salting Capes and Hides

A common question among Alaska's big-game hunters involves how much salt is needed to properly care for an Alaska big-game cape or hide in the field. The question is further impacted by weight restrictions on fly-out hunts, where limits are tight. Close attention to the following details could prevent you from making costly mistakes with your capes and hides.


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