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The Alaska Outdoors Supersite is the largest online community focused exclusively on the Alaska outdoors. Welcome aboard! Our site includes the following related sites, and privileges apply to all of them:


The Alaska outdoors offers diverse recreational opportunities for a very diverse and focused group of enthusiasts. Our membership program is designed with this diversity in mind, with different options depending on your interests. Here's how it works:

Alaska Outdoors University (AOU)

The Alaska Outdoors University seeks to put qualified mentors together with learners, to create successful, safe, and productive Alaska outdoors experiences. The content is designed to meet needs not fully met elsewhere, and is taught by mentors from various backgrounds which qualify them as some of Alaska's premium instructors in their respective fields. The content consists of both video and print curriculua, and some classes include support documents and tests designed for learners to self-assess their knowledge and progress.

For more information on the Alaska Outdoors University, CLICK HERE.

AOU Basic Level (monthly)

  • Access to all classes and lessons on the AOU site.
  • Free Supporting Membership in our forums.
  • Price: $65 / month

AOU Basic Level (annual)

  • Access to all classes and lessons on the AOU site.
  • Access to all class documents and supporting materials related to AOU classes.
  • Self tests (where applicable) related to all AOU classes.
  • Free Supporting Membership in our forums.
  • Price: $599 / year


Folks want to talk with Alaskans about Alaska. Our forums are the most comprehensive forums on the Internet focused exclusively on the Alaska outdoors, and they put you in direct contact with people who live here, and are living the Alaska outdoors dream. We have over 90 forums on all topics related to the Alaska outdoors. For more information about our forums, CLICK HERE.

Free Membership

  • Posting access to most forums.
  • Private message storage limited to 50 messages.
  • Gallery for photos in personal profile limited to 100 images.
  • Photos in posts limited to 1MB total.
  • Price: Free

Free memberships are usually processed once a week, during regular business houes. Free memberships will auto-renew every year.

Supporting Member

New Supporting Members are granted immediate access and priviliges upon payment. Supporting memberships will auto-renew every year on the date you joined the program, and you will be charged automatically through our PayPal billing system. This is intended as a convenience to you, and it helps us keep costs down. You may opt out of auto-renew at the time you sign up. Be advised, however, that if you opt out of auto-renew, our system will automatically downgrade you to a free membership level, and you will  lose the additional privileges that come with a Supporting Membership.

Alaska Hunt Planning Service

Our hunt planning service is second to none. That's not just a marketing slogan, either! Nobody offers the type or level of service that we offer. Our hunt planning service is designed to assist hunters who prefer to plan their own adventure, but lack some of the tools or connections to put consistently put together successful Alaska big-game hunts that meet their standards. You can read more about our Alaska Hunt Planning Service AT THIS LINK. If you prefer talking to a live human, call Mike at 1 (907) 229-4501 for more details.

Here's what is included:

  • Unlimited access to personalized, live hunt planning services with a staff member.
  • One-time fee. Subsequent hunts are planned with the same involvement on our part as was the first one. Come back as often as you like; it's on our dime.
  • Thorough planning services that cover ALL aspects of the hunt planning process, from area selection, logistics, and field techniques, to post-hunt tasks. There is no aspect of the planning process that is overlooked.
  • Cost: $1,550 

We Value Your Privacy!

Your experience on the site is very important to us! We do not reveal any of your personal information to anyone outside our organization. In order to protect the site against spammers, we do require certain information from new members during the registration process, however this information is only for verification purposes and is not shared with anyone. For more information about our Policies, including how your payments are processed, CLICK HERE.

How To Sign Up

Signups are simple. Just CLICK HERE or click on any of the "Join Now" icons on this page. Payments can be made via credit card on our PayPal gateway (you don't need a PayPal account), or via your PayPal account if you have one. If you prefer the old fashioned way, follow the payment instructions below to pay by money order, cashier's check, or personal check. Services begin immediately upon our receipt of your payment.


As a general rule, there are no refunds once services have commenced. For details on our policies, including how refunds are handled, CLICK HERE.


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We also accept Credit Card payments via phone:

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To pay by Money Order, Cashier's Check or Check, please send payment to:

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