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The Alaska Outdoors Supersite™ is the largest website on the Internet focused exclusively on the Alaska outdoors.  Our focus is to provide information about Alaska outdoors activities in order to promote sustainable, safe, and emotionally and economically valuable recreational uses of the state’s resources.

david_johnsonThis website was started by David Johnson in 1996. David was a wildlife biologist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for 23 years until his retirement in mid-1995. During his career with the department he worked in Bristol Bay, Fairbanks, Delta Junction, Douglas (Juneau) and Anchorage.  His last job in state service was as hunter services coordinator for the agency...a new program that he had the pleasure of starting up.

In January 2009 ownership of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite transferred to Michael Strahan, who had written for the site for almost as long as it had been online. Michael has been actively mike1involved for many years on the Alaska outdoor scene as a big-game hunting guide, hunting seminar speaker, Alaska hunt consultant and published author. He remains passionate about the Alaska outdoors, and his real passion is helping people experience Alaska on their own terms.

The site consists of four main components: 

The Directory

Our Directory has been a key component of the site since the beginning. In fact, our original name was "Outdoors Directory", and you will see that name still around, especially on our legacy site pages. The directory is your go-to for connecting with commercial operators of all kinds that cater to the Alaska outdoors community. Whether you're looking for a charterboat operator for that Halibut fishing trip, a top-notch hunting guide for your dream Alaska hunting trip, a fishing tackle store, or a remote lodge, our Directory is your source.

The Forums

We were doing social media nearly a decade before any of the current popluar social media sites existed, with three forums back in the day. We've since upgraded to a new forum software interface and now we host over 90 forums on all topics related to the Alaska outdoors. We've discovered that folks want to talk to Alaskans about Alaska, and Alaskans are more than happy to help them out. Anyone is welcome to participate in our forums! Not a joiner? No problem! The forums have a powerful search tool that will allow you to discover tons of information relevant to your questions, in our 200,000-plus pages (and counting). If you have a question about the Alaska outdoors, it's probably been answered in our forums!

The Store

Our site has had a store for many years, specializing in books, maps, and DVD materials all related to the Alaska outdoors. Not long ago we decided to kick it into high gear with an Amazon store that carries not only these products, but thousands more, including fishing tackle, hunting clothing and gear, inflatable boats for your Alaska adventure, and tons more!

The Main Site

We are constantly updating and adding new pages to our main site. We are currently sitting at over 400 pages of content and are writing new sections on an ongoing basis. Poke around the main site pages and you'll discover a wealth of information related to just about any outdoor activity you might consider for your Alaska experience.

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite™ owes its success to the community that has grown up around it.  Though it came from small beginnings, this website has grown far beyond what we few could have done.  We are deeply grateful for the partnership of the outdoors community.

The Alaska Outdoors Supersite is made possible by many people and businesses who advertise on our site. The heart of our business is the same as it always has been; to help people find the best information pertaining to the Alaska outdoors. In that regard, our Directory is a very important component of our site. If you are interested in finding an air charter, fishing charter, lodge, equipment supplier, guide or other goods or service provider, the Directory is where you should look first. But it doesn't end there. Our many sponsors advertise throughout the site, so you are likely to run into some of them on our Places Pages, our Forums, and elsewhere. If you are interested in advertising your business on our site, visit our Advertising section or contact Mike at 1 (907) 229-4501, Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm AST.

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Each moderator is assigned to certain forums, and receives regular posts from those forums. Reported posts go to all moderators, so they can be dealt with in a timely manner. Our Mods are mostly volunteers, so try to be nice to them! Because our membership is so large, posts are made that our Mods do not always see immediately. Don't assume that they've seen an offending post and are allowing it to stand! If you discover a post that violates our Forum Rules, by all means report it, and our Mods will deal with it promptly.


Over 60,000 people have registered (early 2018) for the Alaska Outdoors Forums.  There is a trove of Alaska outdoors information in the messages on these forums, thanks to the many, many Alaskans and visitors who share what they know.  On the website Home Page there is a Google custom search box that allows you to search the entire website for information, including messages posted on the old and new forums.

Most of the content on the Alaska Outdoors Supersite is free for our members. Some have expressed a desire to give something back, so we have created Supporting Member usergroup. Supporting Members are awarded additional perks in our forums area, and access to premium content in exchange of a modest annual membership fee. CLICK HERE for more details.


Our advertisers provide the financial power to run this website.  There are far too many advertisers to list here, but you can see them in our Directory and their banner ads and sponsorships in our Forum, and in their ads throughout the website. Thank you!  The Alaska Outdoors Supersite would not be possible without you.